Stadt Dinkelsbühl (Druckversion)

Conferences, meetings and seminars

The old warehouse “Schranne” provides a unique location for conferences, meetings or seminars in the centre of the historic old town. The impressive Renaissance building (dating 1609) gives a wonderful ambience for special occasions.

The “Kleiner Schrannensaal” is furnished with newest technology, the “Schrannen-Festsaal” offers a variable 40 sqms stage. Within short distance to the location hotels, restaurants, cafés, a variety of shops and a relaxing natural environment offer customers and guests an unforgettable stay.

Touristik Service Dinkelsbühl
Segringer Straße 3 (Marktplatz)
91550 Dinkelsbühl
09851 902470
09851 902419

size of hall: approx. 665 sqms
seating: max. 550 seats / 400 incl. tables

"Kleiner Schrannensaal":
size of hall: approx. 216 sqms
seating: max. 180 seats / 120 incl. tables

Vault with bar
Size of cellar: approx. 84 sqms
seating: max. 40 persons

Foyer with cloakroom

New technology:
3D-overhead, slide projector, screen, flipchart, pin board, video, beamer, microphone, loudspeaker, etc.

4-40 sqms stage, large kitchen, transportable bar elements
elevator, telephone, toilettes (toilet for handicapped)

Full service incl. hotel reservation, catering and organisation of special events is provided by the Tourist Service.